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What is Pyro4?

It is a library that enables you to build applications in which objects can talk to each other over the network, with minimal programming effort. You can just use normal Python method calls to call objects on other machines. Pyro is a pure Python library and runs on many different platforms and Python versions.

Pyro is copyright © Irmen de Jong ( | Please read Software License and Disclaimer.

It’s on Pypi as Pyro4. Source on Github: and version 5 as Pyro5 (Source)


Python 3.10 is the End of the Line for Pyro4

Pyro4 is considered feature complete and new development is frozen. Only very important bug fixes (such as security issues) will still be made to Pyro4. New development, improvements and new features will only be available in its successor Pyro5 . New code should use Pyro5 unless a feature of Pyro4 is strictly required. Older code should consider migrating to Pyro5. It provides a (simple) backwards compatibility api layer to make the porting easier.

Pyro4 is tested to work with Python 3.10, but Python 3.11 and beyond are going to bring changes that will start breaking certain parts of Pyro4. This is not going to be fixed anymore in Pyro4. This basically means that Python 3.10 is the end of the line for Pyro4 and that running it on later Python versions will start raising certain problems. Pyro5 WILL get updates required to keep it running without issues on future Python versions.

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